romania, when the smoke clears

An ethnic German physics teacher, Klaus Iohannis, recently became the president of Romania, that sounds like a good start. I looked up his Facebook page and it has 1,5M followers, compared to Angela Merkel almost 1M and Barack Obama 45M. That makes him at least on Facebook the most popular European politician.

Many see Romania as a perfect place to outsource their IT development (read more here). For example few years ago when I was still working for a Finnish software company Tekla, our unit had a strong team based in Brasov. But is it good or bad to be an outsourcing country? Probably it will naturally shift into own IP development at some point. After all you see several startup co-working spaces and accelerators here in Romania. Assuming if not already then soon Romanian outsourcing companies start developing their own thing parallelly with the comfortable revenues from outsourcing services.

The old town here in Bucharest still needs serious renovation. Seems like a good opportunity to flip some real estate. The oldest structures, I quickly googled, date from the 15th and 16th centuries. I have always dreamed having one of those renovated houses in a quaint comfy town.

For example, yesterday I noticed a long queue on a street right in the heart of the old town, everyone trying to enter a shiny white house. Someone had transformed an old building into a bookstore, a very nice one. Right in front of it there is an empty piece of land, sweet spot.




I wish soon they ban smoking in the bars and restaurants. Right now it’s hard to find a place with clear air. Seatbelts are not compulsory is what you hear from a taxi driver, they don’t even have one in the back seat. What’s that, like I’d wear one because it’s a law, no it’s for safety don’t you understand, same thing in many Asian countries. Three locals have told me they don’t like living here and would like to leave, one of them was a young doctor.

new and old   yard

long street   ordinary corner

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