The capital of fashion technology

I don’t know much about fashion, but I’m curious about the intersection where it meets with wearable sensors, washable RFID tags, transistors made of cotton etc. If we would have to decide a fashion capital where all that can be presented, then where would it be?

‘Fashion Capital’ page on Wikipedia has an annual ranking of the leading fashion capitals, produced by an Austin based tech company that tracks trends through language use worldwide. In this case, 1.8 billion English speakers talking fashion on gazillion web pages, blogs, social media and print.

TOP20 is New York, Paris, London, LA, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Sidney, Antwerp, Shanghai, Tokyo, Milan, Florence, Madrid, Sao Paolo, St.Petersburg, Moscow, Singapore, Miami, Hong Kong.

florenze view

I disagree with the ranking, having been in those above-mentioned cities, I think the most authentic and genuine of all is Florence. The other top ones are perfect candidates but just too noisy or lack the foundation. Special credits to Paris and a French businessman Louis Vuitton, who’s name is on the most valuable fashion brands in the world, worth $30 billion according to Forbes.

Let’s go back in time bearing in mind that we are looking for a place to combine fashion and technology. We should go as far back when these two fields were close to each other.

 the roof   museum wall

Landing in the 14th century, the beginning of Renaissance, in Florence. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were polymaths, not bad in art and technology. Renaissance marks the period of scientific revolution which saw significant developments in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology – good step forward leading us to fashion technology wearables.

Centuries later Florence gave the world brands like Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Pucci, Ferragamo and several other perhaps less known designers.

 gucci car   the bridge

Today’s polymaths and fashion technology enthusiast, the modern day da Vincis will design some cool gadgets and it would be a nice continuation if this would take place in Florence, where the concentration of art, fashion, science is the highest.

For someone who is not a geek, wearable technology must be invisible. Fashion has the power to drive the acceptance of those smart elements in wearables.

Maybe I should move there, oh and the ocean isn’t too far. I forgot to mention the wine and food in Tuscany, sorry :O

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