Interrelation of innovation

Nothing could be fully understood without a relation to the others, naturally. We have by now seen Oscar nominations like The Imitation Game and The Theory Of Everything. Very good individual stories, no doubt, but lack the relation with others at the time, before and after. I would like to see the background system to each of those individual stories.

I’m writing here an open letter to Walter Isaacson, the author of The Innovators, thinking he could direct such movie, since his book is about the relations and collaboration between many geniuses and non geniuses who created the computer and the internet. Including of course other key players throughout the recent scientific revolution, not directly related with internet and computer but things that lead to it and things that didn’t but for example kept the geniuses alive or saved them. As an example, Fleming, Chain and Florey discovering penicillin.

It sounds like a super long documentary, since writing a compelling story including the dramas of each individual gets probably too complicated, but not impossible. That’s why it should be someone like Isaacson.

It could be a trilogy, like The Godfather, a 10-hour compilation.

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