becoming the dinosaur parent

What will be the thing my grandkids would do that I won’t have any clue. Same way my parents today don’t feel comfortable with Skype-calling me on a smartwatch, or even buying things online. My mother few days ago laughed and said it’s ridiculous that I was sending voice messages using a watch,

There has been a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence and whether it’s possible to program a general intelligence. For example one proposed method is scanning the brain and creating a complete neuronal network, then connecting that with a supercomputer and start running the simulations.

None of that has yet led us to the holy grail of AI. I saw a table based on four different polls taken 2 years ago, first two were at academic conferences, PT-AI. Third at AGI conference in Oxford. Fourth with the members of EETN. A combined result said a human-level machine intelligence will be achieved in 2075. By then I would be 88 years old,

I’m thinking that I will always keep up with the latest developments in technology, and if such level will be attained then it’s theoretically available for me to use, since it’s a machine. But maybe there will be something already earlier that is just not possible for me to update. For example biomedical enhancements of a brain when baby is born, in other words simply manipulating with genetics. We see a rapidly falling cost of gene sequencing (I’m very excited to visit Biomedicum in Helsinki this week, it’s a research institution for medical sciences). Here I’m only writing about brain enhancement, nothing about body nor appearance, e.g. no giraffe gene to make you taller or “gorilla uplifts” for stronger security guys.

When this becomes reality, it will probably be available only for wealthy families. When personal computers came to the market, first to the wealthy of course, then it increased inequality of wealth dramatically. This topic has been a top priority at least in the past two World Economic Forums that I’ve participated. Imagine what will happen if the future kids of wealthy families are born with double or triple IQ levels. Hypothetically enhanced humans will sprint ahead in evolution and form another branch of superhumans and people like us today will be seen the same way we would see Neanderthals today.

I would not like my grandkids compare me with a Neanderthal. So I hope if they get the bio enhancements by default then I at least get some sort of machine-level intelligent interface to communicate with them.

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