I know I don’t know

I drew some ellipses to describe what happens when you are constantly on move, wake up alone in a strange new city, not seeing sights but feeling the change that goes on and on. Very little familiar and nothing to be taken granted.

The initial circle of IK, I Know, first expands almost equally on both sides. In other words you will learn to know things as much as you will learn to know the things you don’t know. Soon you will actually experience the scale of the potential unknown, after which your growth is more towards left. Naturally some things make sense retrospectively, thus your growth to the right side picks up the speed but still not equally fast. The gap between the leftmost ellipse and IDK will decrease however it never closes, in other words you will never fully know everything you don’t know, that is absolutely impossible.

The risk I’m afraid of is whether your mind can eventually break off the journey. You will certainly change.

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